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    Employees can go for a walk at the River Walk during lunch or grab a cold beer after work at one of the local microbreweries.

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  • Openings

    Join our world class team.

    • Customer Service Representative
    • Shipping Specialist
    • Marketing Associate
      • Job Description

        • Provide customer service via phone, email and internet chat system; acting as a liaison between customers and our company, leaving behind a relationship of trust and loyalty.

        • Responsibilities:
        • Assist customers with placement of orders, refunds, and exchanges
        • Educate customers with product knowledge to assist with their order decisions.
        • Providing technical support and troubleshooting for products.

        • Requirements and Skills:
        • General Computer Skills
        • Ability to type
        • Experience in a customer service capacity preferred
        • Ability to communicate clearly and professionally, both verbally and in writing
        • Must have good grammar, spelling and writing skills
        • Decision making and analytical abilities
        • Good Listening skills
        • Ability to handle complaints and unpleasant customers calmly
        • Possess a strong work ethic and team player mentality
        • Must have a pleasant, patient and friendly attitude
        • Ability to Multi-task

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      • Job Description

          The Shipping Specialist will be responsible for preparing all products leaving our facility to be safely and efficiently transported to their destination. This includes prepping, picking, packaging, and labeling those product packages. Additionally, the Shipping Specialist is responsible for ensuring that the contents, quantity, and quality of orders are correct, verifying inventory levels, and maintaining an organized and safe work environment.
        • The main aspects of this position will be to prepare products to be handpicked for delivery by labeling, ensuring quality, and prepping as necessary.
        • Efficiently pick items using our order management system then ensuring that the established procedures are followed in order to maintain quality control, including scanning and visually verifying each order is correct before it is finalized.
        • Packaging orders into the appropriately sized box and applying sufficient protective padding to ensure the contents are not damage during transport.
        • Labeling individual packages with the corresponding label for that order to ensure package arrives at the correct destination.
        • Maintain the shipping facilities by restocking supplies and regularly cleaning the shipping and warehouse areas in order to ensure a safe, organized and efficient work area.
        • Work with shipping contractors and delivery services to coordinate timely delivery and pickup of product needed to maintain inventory levels.
        • Regularly participate in inventory management and accounting activities including conducting physical inventory counts.
        • Process and if necessary return to inventory all items returned to our facility thru customer service.
        • Ensuring quality control and following established procedures within the shipping department.
        • Assists receiving specialist and all other personnel as may be required.

        • Requirements and Skills:
        • High School diploma or equivalent.
        • Ability to perform basic math, understand written procedures, write routine documents, and speak clearly.
        • Ability to understand multi-step written and oral instructions.
        • Basic to intermediate computer operation/skills.
        • Warehouse experience preferred.
        • Fork Lift driving experience and certification preferred.
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      • Job Description

          The Ikon Stores Marketing Associate is responsible for producing, maintaining, and optimizing product listings and content across our various Ikon Store platforms. An exceptional online experience is essential to provide to our customers. The Ikon Stores Marketing Associate will also manage the placement and budget of Ikon Store advertisements while observing and analyzing competitor campaigns and tactics. This associate will also be exploring and researching new marketing opportunities and marketplace trends for our brands, products, and stores.
        • Create and maintain copy content and digital media for product offerings.
        • Analyze product rank and change in rank. Effectively maneuver all obstacles to effectively improve product ranking.
        • Take photographs of products that comply with marketplace image requirements.
        • Utilize customer demographics, buying habits, and listing manipulation to maximize on-page conversions.
        • Oversee creation and maintenance of marketplace sponsored and headline ads. Ensure that spending and budget requirements are being met.
        • Optimize Google click through to our branded products for each marketplace.
        • Identify new ways, channels, and opportunities to market our brands and products.
        • Maintain email list and create monthly newsletter for marketplaces.
        • Create and distribute keyword optimized listings and compelling images.
        • Observation and collection of competitor’s campaign tactics as well as marketplace trends to make educated conclusions and offer suggestions to improve current and future campaign tactics.
        • Assist with new product launches.

        • Minimum Requirements and Skills:
        • Must have a high school diploma or equivalent.
        • Advanced computer skills
        • Excellent writing skills that can be put to use by creating high quality copyright content.
        • Superb attention to detail and accuracy.
        • Ability to manage several tasks, at once.
        • Ability to work independently as well as in groups.
        • Critical thinking skills.
        • Creative Thinking Skills.
        • Positive attitude.
        • Ability to communicate clearly and professionally, both verbally and in writing with appropriate grammar and spelling.

        • Preferred Qualifications:
        • Experience in online advertising or marketing.
        • College degree or courses relating to marketing or equivalent experience.
        • Experience with 3rd party selling platforms.
        • Solid understanding of SEO.
        • Adobe Suite skills.
        • Photography experience.
        • Good understanding of Ikon Stores products.

        • Deliverables:
        • For this step in the application process, we would like you to:
        • Consider a pack of Juicy Fruit gum and build an original Amazon listing for it. All content must be your own.
        • -Title
        • -Product bullet points
        • -Product description
        • -Product image(s)
        • We understand if you’ve never build a listing before. What we are looking for is your creative ability to create copyright content and your editing skills. Please submit this to HR by the closing period of this job posting.
        • To learn more about this position please see Justin.
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